“Dis-Covering The Technologies Of The Body: Natural Vaccines VS Unnatural Vaccines

by Olmek The Ancient

The human body has a natural built in defense system that fights off illness and disease at will, only if given the proper environment that provides the best quality and amount of natural resources that provide the necessary nutrients and minerals it was designed to have. With that being said I want to state that “WE DO NOT NEED VACCINES” and they are not necessary to live a healthy life. In fact studies show that if you choose to receive these artificial vaccines you are more likely to contract an illness that has the potential to have fatal affects because of the unnatural ingredients they contain. How have we been convinced to willingly put poisons into our being, and persuaded to believe that we actually need them? Have we forgot that the human organism lived centuries without artificial vaccines? Have you ever thought to ask how was that possible?

Well, the female is a very intricate specimen whose bodily functions provides powerful antioxidants within its breast milk that serves as a natural vaccine to the infant. By passing these nutrients to it’s young the body is provided all of the protein and nutrients in needs to grow and live a healthy life naturally. We must return back to our original way of living, because The Earth was designed to provide everything that human being needs to thrive and live life to its fullest potential. Yet we don’t even acknowledge the Earth…

FYI: Simply by connecting to the Earth barefooted you instantly receive a immunization from the Earth’s telluric energy.
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YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/G1OMPycOvZg

Video Featuring: My Wife Ej The Ancient(Velvet Marquez)

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