What Beyonce's Performance Proved & Why People Got So Outraged By It

So this is what happens when a form of black empowerment is expressed in mass media; people get so outraged that they decide it is okay to ban them from their country.


Many people, black people, in particular, feel that mainstream media is going overboard with a recent event Beyonce did during Black History Month in which she gave an empowering message for black people. Most of the fans watching her at the Superbowl event were white (70 percent) and didn't expect Beyonce to have her dancers dressed up like black panthers wearing Afro's and exhibiting police with their hands up. The message was so powerful, politicians wanted to ban her from ever entering Canada again. Wow!

So this is what happens when a form of black empowerment is expressed in mass media; people get so outraged that they decide it is okay to ban them from their country. Shame on Canada and its leaders for even suggesting such a thing. Yet, in Canada, they host rap battle competitions daily where many of the people who engage in the rap battles happen to be white Canadians. Baffling.


Kid Rock proudly boasts the federate flag whenever he performs at a concert and brags about it is his freedom of speech. No one complains and they let him get away with it with minimal news coverage. Looks like they don't like freedom of speech in Canada, at least when black people do anything that is the slightest bit uplifting. Lil Wayne can make a song about drinking Nyquil and brag about the people he and his mother killed as gang members but if he put up his fist and yelled black power, Lil Wayne could end his entertainment career.

There is a reason for the backlash that Beyonce faces. First of all, we live in a time where white supremacy is strong. Any reference to black people uprising or taking control is looked down on and frowned at. No one wishes to even imagine such a thing. If black people up-rise, then white supremacy fades away and they simply can't allow that. Their white supremacist system is working all too well for them to allow interference from a pop diva. Their immediate reaction is to shut Beyonce down. Now granted, she didn't scream death to white people or say anything racist. All Beyonce did was show off her heritage in a way that didn't make black people seem like gangsters, thugs, and drug dealers. If she said that crack was whack because she prefers cocaine, there would be no outrage and only ridicule. But white society is okay with black people when we ridicule ourselves. They are so outraged by Beyonce's performance, Jay Z was shaded and accused of being a drug dealer for fourteen years.

Let black people mention that we can empower ourselves by shopping at black businesses, implement methods get more of our children off the streets and out of gangs, or start a program that empowers black people, and mainstream media will be all over it and call it what it really is... a threat.


That's the bottom line about Beyonce's entertaining and empowering performance. It's threatening to visualize black people in a position of organized power. No one likes that image being painted, especially from a billionaire - (Beyonce and Jay-Z's income combined easily make them billionaires). It's because their message will be taken seriously. It's because this event has really empowered black people because we see it being visualized by one of the most influential entertainers since Michael Jackson. There are some who even speculate that Beyonce's life could be in danger due to her extreme performance and exhibition of black power, even though white power is expressed every day and nothing is said because it's normal to witness that.


The people who talk bad about Beyonce's art are very dangerous and very bad people. They are dangerous and bad because they are afraid of ideas and filled with racism. They are so threatened by such a symbol of black power that they immediately want to ban Beyonce from entering a country, simply due to an entertainment performance by a rock star.

I for one give Beyonce a big hand. Being one of the biggest and perhaps the most relevant pop star of our time, she has used her power and influence for good. I don't want to hear about her or her husband belonging to Illuminati again. In fact, I wish they were if they are on black people's side. Beyonce and Jay Z have recently donated 7 million dollars to the Black Lives Matter cause. This again is the testimony of their dedication to black causes. This, toppled with her performance, makes Beyonce a huge threat. It's because she validates black people, hence, making black people a threat.

Then you have Giuliani, a self-professed racist, who decides he wants to try and ban Beyonce from entering Canada again, based on one performance at an event. Let's be clear, her fans are reportedly very satisfied with her performance and feel she gave a great show. However, the mass media wants to have a field day about this. They don't want black people to feel empowered or symbolize power in any way. This is due to white supremacy.

The conversation has popped up about black people need to respect the police. They speak about the police as superheroes and talk about how much we need them. They are also ignoring the bigger problem, which is not a lack of respect for the police. The bigger problem is how the police lack respect for black people.